WEBINAR: GP Orthopaedic Study Day – MSK in Primary Care – How can we help? October 2020


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GP Orthopaedic Study Days

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GP Trainees, GPs, GPs with MSK interest

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A new Webinar delivery of the next in the series of highly-successful study days convened by Mr Stuart Hay concentrates on musculoskeletal presentation in Primary Care.  Over three Thursday evenings, 15th October, 22nd October and 29th October each starting at 19:30 the course will cover:

  • Management of acute spinal pain
  • The acute sports knee in primary care
  • Children's orthopaedics - What is normal, what will get better and when to worry
  • Acute rheumatology
  • Diagnosis and management of shoulder pain and when/where to inject
  • Musculoskeletal tumour presentation in Primary care and what to look for - Making the Missable Unmissable
  • The painful hip – an update

Faculty proposed to be:

  • Convenor: Mr Stuart Hay, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Upper Limb Unit
  • Mr Sarfraz Ahmad, Consultant Spinal Surgeon
  • Mr Peter Gallacher, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Knee Team
  • Mr Nigel Kiely, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Paediatric Team
  • Dr Ayman Askari, Consultant Rheumatologist
  • Mr Richard Potter, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Upper Limb Unit
  • Professor Paul Cool, Consultant Oncological Surgeon
  • Mr Robin Banerjee, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Arthroplasty Team

MODULE ONE: Thursday 15th October at 19:30

  • Introducion: Mr Stuart Hay
  • Management of Acute Spinal Pain: Mr Sarfraz Ahmad
  • Questions
  • MSK Tumour Presentation in primary Care - what to look for  Making the Missable Unmissable: Prof Paul Cool
  • Questions

Approx finish: 20:55

MODULE TWO: Thursday 22nd October at 19:30

  • Children's Orthopaedics - What is normal, what will get better and when to worry: Mr Nigel Kiely
  • Questions
  • Acute Rheumatology: Dr Ayman Askari
  • Questions
  • The painful hip - an update: Mr Robin Banerjee
  • Questions

Approx finish: 21:30

MODULE THREE: Thursday 29th October at 19:30

  • The Acute Sports Knee in Primary Care: Mr Peter Gallacher
  • Questions
  • Diagnosis and Management of Shoulder Pain including when/where to inject: Mr Stuart Hay
  • Questions and round-up

Approx finish: 20:50

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