Orthopaedic Classifications And Radiological Measurements


This must have A5 hard back is a reference book that you will want to keep for life. Referred to as the classification bible, you will find it particularly useful for medical legal reports and in the short term – the FRCS(Orth) examination.

This book by Damian McClelland is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation but rather a pocket-sized source of reference for anyone involved with the musculoskeletal aspects of medicine or surgery. Registrars sometimes struggle negotiating the many orthopaedic classifications and radiological lines and angles and debates often exists as to the correct recollection of a particular classification, line or angle. This book aims to educate the reader with well written instruction and clear concise diagrams.

Section 1 covers general classification – spine, shoulder, elbow, hand & wrist, pelvis, hip, femur, knee, tibia, ankle, foot

Section 2 covers radiological measurements – spine, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, shoulder and elbow, hand, hip and pelvis, knee, foot and ankle

A must for any registrar. We hope it provides useful and relevant information for your day to day practice.