Basic Science 4th Edition


Our authors are practising consultant orthopaedic surgeons renowned in their chosen fields. This 373 page book not only draws on their expertise but has well laid out chapters encompassing colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams to aid the reading experience and ensuring the material is understood and retained. A must for all Trauma & Orthopaedic trainees working towards their final FRCS(Trauma & Orthopaedic) Examination.

This Basic Science manual unifies the underlying principles & applications of current orthopaedic practice. Specifically designed with the trainee in mind it provides a guide on the expected standard of knowledge in a concise format, guiding the reader through its quanta of knowledge with the help of suggested references for further reading.

Although termed “basic”, the subject is far from static but rather dynamic and constantly developing. Medicine as a whole is a constantly evolving, ever changing discipline. As orthopaedics increasingly becomes sub-specialised, the basic science platform is also broadening.

The reader will be able to immerse themselves in topics covering skeletal development & structure, Articular cartilage, cartilage injuries & repair, the growth plate, paediatric inherited neuromuscular disease, skeletal dysplasia, fracture healing, traction, bone grafting, radiology, osteoarthritis, joint replacement, joint biomechanics, tendon repair & transfer, clinical neurophysiology, bone & soft tissue tumours, microbiology of working in theatre, spinal development, deformity and disease, implant failure & analysis and much, much more.