Create your own event

If cycling isn’t your thing, you could organise your own little fund raiser at home and get family involved. It could be a “Snowpaedic Stairs or Garden Challenge” where you are sponsored to walk the 9 miles up and down Snowdon but on your own stairs or around your own garden. You could even stop half way for a picnic lunch! Or arrange an online quiz and persuade friends, family or colleagues to compete. 

Earlier in the year we were delighted to have some of our amazing fundraisers take on their own challenges including Fay who encouraged her neighbours to sponsor her as she walked around her village in high heels, Tom, Richard and Gill went bird spotting and contributed  “per bird”,  all 47 different varieties!  Joe had an online live Pimms Hamper raffle and we even had a “doggy shave” courtesy of Mike however French speaking Alfie didn’t look too impressed! I have added his video, see what you think?

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