The Rotary Club did it again!!!!

Once again we are very grateful to the Rotary Club who have stepped in to help us! 

With a generous grant of £1,000 received from the Borderland Rotary Club, the Orthopaedic Institute are thrilled to be able to replace the Cryostat machine in our research laboratory, an extremely old and well used essential piece of equipment.  We can’t thank them enough!

With their help, it brings our total raised to just over £16,000 enabling us to purchase the new machine for our research teams so that they can continue with their vital studies.  We are very grateful all those who have kindly donated.  It is due to the support of individuals, Trusts and Clubs such as Rotary that we are able to continue to support our amazing research teams.

And just to clarify, a cryostat is used to cut “exquisitely” thin slices of tissue for optimal anatomical and pathological examination.   It can be used for all types of musculoskeletal tissue so its utility is not restricted to a single or limited field of scientific study. This means that all of the research teams will benefit from this piece of equipment.

Exquisitely thin?   The thickness of the samples is measured in micrometers.   A piece of standard 80gsm paper is about 100 micrometers thick and the research team cut their samples to 7 micrometers thin . . .

The Orthopaedic Institute are always looking for help to raise funds for research and teaching here at RJAH.  If you can help in any way please do contact Debra Alexander.

For more information or to donate please click here:     https://www.orthopaedic-institute.org/donate/


two graphics of x-ray skeletons showing musculoskeletal structure