This has been a time of change for the Francis Costello Library (FCL).  In August 2016 Scott Rosenberg left the library for pastures new, this coincided with the retirement of Amanda Gerrard.  I was delighted to take up the post of Library Services Manager in September 2016, and Louisa Fulbrook also took on the role of Deputy Library Services Manager full time, having previously been in the post part-time.

The new team dynamic has given us an opportunity to review how we would like the library service to develop to best meet the needs of our users.  We are working to develop an outreach model for delivery of our service, making us more accessible and in recognition that many members of staff do not have the time to visit the library.  This is in addition to our existing services which we also continue to develop.

We are once again grateful to Jan Herman Kuiper for delivering sessions on Critical appraisal skills and medical statistics.  As previously this training was facilitated by FCL, and was heavily subscribed and very well received.    FCL continues to provide specialist librarian support to the Musculoskeletal Critically Appraised Topics group, which works towards evidenced based improvements to clinical practice.  The library has also been called upon to provide evidence to support investigations into Serious Incidents within the Trust, ensuring that future practice is evidence-based. 

As part of our outreach activities we have run a Dementia Pop-up library in Denbighs canteen.  This gave us gave us a valuable opportunity to showcase our Pictures to Share collection.  We also ensure that our Dementia resources are available for staff at Dementia Friends events.  We are working with the nursing teams within the hospital to support the STAR performance assessment framework.   We will be supporting the process by ensuring the evidence for the key elements of the framework is kept up to date.

We have been working to make information around staff publications more accessible.  All work published by RJAH staff in the last year is now searchable via the library catalogue, and either the abstract or the full text of the article is available to download.  Work is ongoing to upload previous year’s publications. 



The FCL team continue to deliver an extremely high quality service to our users, and this is reflected in our annual score for the Library Quality Assurance Framework, which has increased to 99%. 

2016-17 has been a busy and successful year for the Francis Costello Library, and we look forward to developing our service further in the coming year. 


Lis Edwards

Library Services Manager