The Oswestry Gait Course 28th – 30th June 2023


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Allied Health Professionals, Clinical Scientists, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, Orthopaedic Registrar Trainees, Orthotists, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Doctors

This annual specialist 3-day course from the Orthotic Research and Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) is designed for a wide range of clinicians including Orthopaedic Consultants and Senior Trainees, Rehabilitation Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthotists, Clinical Scientists and other Allied Healthcare Professionals with an interest in gait. It provides a unique insight into why we walk the way we do. Delegates Learn about normal gait and how impairments can impact on this pattern of movement. It provides a mixture of lectures, practical workshops and patient case studies in small groups to help delegates understand and interpret video, 2-D video vector and 3-D gait analysis. A multi-disciplinary approach gives participants an awareness of how gait analysis can guide our management of mobility problems to improve patient outcomes. Faculty comprises Staff from ORLAU, & Keele University who have significant experience in teaching gait both nationally and internationally.

Delegate feedback:
“Really great course. Wish I had done this at the start of my fellowship rather than towards the end. More orthopaedic surgeons should come”
“Excellent course. You’ve built up the complexity in such a way that everything finally makes sense!”
“Very well organised. Informative and enjoyable. Venue/facilities were very good with expert faculty. Good multi-professional mix of candidates”
“Excellent course, thank you. Challenging and difficult so much to learn but done in a systematic and thoughtful way. I achieved from the course the knowledge I was hoping to acquire”
“I really cannot think how it could have been organised or delivered in a better way”